Environmental Monitoring in the CCA

Environmental monitoring by community wilderness groups of the proposed Community Conservation Area and surrounds constitutes important information for an Environmental & Biodiversity Data Base and is an integral component of environmental management. Co-ordinates from community environmental monitoring during the GEF funded Amagug'esizwe Project in 2103/2014 were transferred onto an existing ACT map which was initially created during the 2012 Mountain Range Project. The map will continue to be updated as additional information becomes available through other projects or the monitoring activities of the community wilderness groups.

It is anticipated that, as information continues to filter in from future activities and projects a map of each of the eight areas will be created to provide greater detail on biodiversity (fauna, flora & habitats) erosion and alien plants in each of the eight wards through which the Community Conservation Area runs.

Environmental Monitoring Map
Environmental Monitoring Map

The "plants" referred to on the Map Legend are either Cycads or Squilla (Pineapple Plant).

The full-sized image may also be downloaded (JPEG, 1.04MB).

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