The AmaZizi Region

Lying between Royal Natal National Park and the Mnweni, this area is commonly misunderstood to be part of the latter, but it in fact falls under a totally different tribal authority. Of 8 AmaZizi wards, 3 can be described as "mountain wards" namely: Busingatha, Okhombe and Obanjaneni.

This region is generally not well known, and currently there are no community-run facilities to accommodate tourists. This will hopefully be established in time to come. The Thandanani craft market - on the road to Royal Natal, just beyond the Busingatha Clinic turnoff - is a co-operative of 55 local women who produce outstanding crafts and who also supply overseas markets.

Though there may be many similarities, the AmaZizi are a distinctly different tribe to the AmaNgwane, and have their own tribal authority. The region should not be referred to as "the Mnweni". The Busingatha area has in recent times come under media attention due to the current Drakensberg cable car proposal in the Singathi Valley.

Visitors are very welcome to the region, and it is hoped that this area will grow in popularity. Currently no entrance or hiking fees are applicable. Visitors are requested to arrange visits through local guides and community facilitators. Please take note of all important information supplied on this site. Only park your vehicle in places designated by your guide, and be considerate of the fact that locals in the region may not be as familiar with outside visitors as they are in the Mnweni.

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