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Hiking in the AmaNgwane Region

The Mnweni is a legendary and dramatic part of the Drakensberg, popular among hikers. Khokwana & Mabhulesini are the two wards in the Mnweni that are most often visited. The third ward, Manzana, is not well known, but is nonetheless a worthy hiking destination. The Mnweni does not comprise the entire mountainous AmaNgwane region, but it is the only area currently suited for visitation.

The Mnweni Cultural & Hiking Centre, just past to the junction of the Tonyelane and Mnweni Rivers, is the gateway to all visits and hikes in the Mnweni. Before embarking on any day or overnight hiking trips, please pay the visitor fees and complete the mountain rescue register there first.

The hiring of a guide is not obligatory though a guide will certainly prove useful in making all necessary arrangements. A guide will also be a vital link between you and the local culture, and will point out many things about the environment you may never have noticed.

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