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Community Conservation in the AmaNgwane Region

The Mnweni Wilderness Working Team manage important environmental work in the Mnweni area such as path and trail stabilisation, alien plant eradication, environmental monitoring, and fire management - along with promoting awareness among the locals. They work closely with the Mnweni Donga Project (a community group focusing on donga rehabilitation and re-vegetation) as well as a community cultural and rock art group.

Manzana erosion control
Some of the environmental maintenance work done in the Manzana Valley

All five mountain wards of the AmaNgwane - Khokwana, Mabhulesini, Manzana, MaSwazini & Ngoba - have agreed to contribute portions of their land towards the CCA.

Wilderness Buffer Map - Mnweni
Wilderness buffer boundary in the Mnweni Valley


Trail development supported by the GEF Small Grants Programme, implemented by UNDP.

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