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The AmaNgwane Region

Of approximately 35 AmaNgwane wards, 5 can be described as "mountain wards". Khokwana & Mabhulesini contain all the commonly hiked trails, and together with Manzana the three comprise what many hikers simply call "the Mnweni". MaSwazini & Ngoba presently are largely unknown to outside visitors.

At the current time, visitors and hikers are encouraged to explore the three wards making up the Mnweni. The hiring of a guide is not obligatory though a guide will certainly prove useful in making all necessary arrangements. A guide will also be a vital link between you and the local culture, and will point out many things about the environment you may never have noticed. The Mnweni Cultural & Hiking Center is the gateway to all visits to the Mnweni.

All five of the above mentioned mountain wards have agreed to give a portion of their land towards the Community Conservation Area. Arrangements may be made in the future to facilitate hiking and visitation to MaSwazini and Ngoba. When this time arrives all relevant information will be made available on this site.

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